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Jin's K-9 Kreations!

Handmade Kangaroo Leather, Paracord and Fabric Leashes
Collars, Harnesses, Dress and Vest Harnesses
Pajamas, Belly Bands and Panties
Also Handmade Beds and Crate Pads

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Blondies only available puppy now for sale!

Read more about him on our puppy page!

We breed AKC Toy Poodles for show and companionship.

There is no more versatile breed than the Poodle.
Whether you are looking for a dog for hunting/retrieving, conformation,
agility/obedience competition, herding, service or companion dog.

Very high intelligence, low shedding and the best choice for people with allergies and asthma. Poodle's range in size from Toy (under 10"& 4-10 lb.) to Miniature (10-15" & 15-25 lb.) and Standard (over 15" & 40-90 lb).

There is no such thing as a Teacup, Tiny Toy or Royal Poodle. They are still a Toy or a Standard Poodle, only very small or very large . If you are looking for a Poodle, please do not fall for these marketing gimmicks.

Please follow the link below to AKC to see the Poodle breed standards:
AKC Poodle Breed Standards

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